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Personalized Music CDs, Books, Webkinz,Sports Broadcasts, Cartoon Videos including Personalized Dora Video, Personalized Spiderman
...and we wish to welcome you to  
Munchkin Land.
Whether it was with two clicks of a pair
of ruby slippers, or two clicks of a  
mouse, you've found your way

For us, it's all about the smiles.
Not the smiles that come when you make a goofy face--- nobody does that like you! And not the smiles when
you bring pizza to the table (but those are welcome too.)

We mean the smile that springs to a munchkin's face when she hears Mickey Mouse sing her name in a great
personalized music cd, or when he recognizes his name in his own personalized book or when they see
themselves in a personalized dvd as Little Mermaid or as a Race Car driver or Super Hero!
Or the smile that endures when, somewhere between the 10th and 200th play through or reading, they really
grasp the message that they are unique, special, capable...and loved by you and someone greater than all of us.

Maybe best of all is your smile.  The smile that comes to parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, when
they realize that---whether
personalized music cd, personalized book, or personalized cartoon dvd ---they've finally found a gift that
starts to explain how much their smiles mean to us.

We're happy to announce that our licensed personalized music cds are now available in downloadable
digital files.
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or call: 865-430-3113
Your child is the hero of the story in these wonderful
personalized books. Over 35 personalized adventure books to
choose from where
The child's age and hometown as well as three friends or
relatives are included in each story. Your name and dedication
appears on the front and back page. EVERYONE loves to see
their name in print!
Teach your child the love of reading with these
wonderful personalized books that will grab their attention
because it is all about them!
Personalized Elmo Children's Book
Your Child's Name Sung as much as 106 times in these marvelous  Personalized music cds made expressly for personalization.
Just click any personalized cd label to see all of our playtime and Christian Personalized Music CDs for kids.
Photo Personalized Super Hero DVD for children
Photo Personalized Race Car Driver DVD for kids
Photo Personalized Snow White DVD for kids
Children's Photo Personalized Fantasy DVD
Personalized Christian CD for tweens
Personalized Christian CD for kids
Personalized Happy Birthday CD
Personalized Bible Songs for Kids
Photo Personalized Little Mermaid DVD for children
Non-Photo Personalized Christian DVD
Non-Photo Personalized Playtime  DVD
Personalized Playtime CD for kids
Personalized Playtime CD
Photo Personalized Christmas with Santa DVD
Mickey, Minnie and Goofy
Sing Your Child's Name 80 Times!
Personalized Nursery Rhyme CD
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Your child goes on an Animal Adventure and is featured
throughout this wonderful Photo Personalized DVD
Personalized Scooby Book for Kids
Many Personalized Music CDs from which to choose. Three of our 32
wonderful personalized CDs are also available in Personalized Music Video
DVDs. Lyrics are on the screen in the Nursery Rhyme and Jesus Loves You to
help your child learn to read. Fun time graphics help engage the child.
Home of Personalized Music CDs, Books and Cartoon DVDs for Munchkins!
Our cabin is available for
rent and is located in the
Village of Cobbly Nob,
Click here for availability via VRBO
After over 14 years located in
downtown Gatlinburg, we have
closed our retail location.

We continue our business online
with the same website, same great
personalized books, music cds and
cartoon dvds, same phone number,
same owners and the same great
customer service.
Children's Personalized Lullabye CD
  • Your Child's Favorite Character Sings Their Name
    in these wonderful personalized music sing along
    cds. and downloadable digital files
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