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Your childs name is sung 106 times in this fun-filled DVD. Songs are motivational with upbeat music, skillful animation and a possitive message emphasizing imagination and determination.
8 Uplifting original songs of praise and John 3:16 with your child's name sung 41 times.
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This personalized music DVD contains 12 classic nursery rhymes (plus an
introductory and closing song) enhanced with upbeat music, special
effects, and a narrative story. These comical renditions will be a good,
good time and hours of fun.

The lyrics are on the screen to aid your child in learning to read. Nursery
Rhymes are no longer taught in most schools. What is childhood without
Nursery Rhymes?...and special Personalized Nursery Rhymes makes it all
the more fun.

This new addition to our personalized line is second in popularity only to
the Mickey Mouse Personalized Music CD.

Your child's name is said and sung 25 times.
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This Non-Photo Personalized
DVD sings your child's name in
fun dance sequences and
energetic songs from the
action-packed album,
"Half/Size Heroes, The
Wubbles Adventure". It
explores the incredible rescue
of the Wubbles (bubbles with
a wish inside) from the
Pop-Its, those meanies that
want to pop the Wubbles. The
lively music, dynamic sound
effects and impeccable
animation deliver an
enjoyable experience. This
video encourages imaginative
possibilities, creativity and
light-hearted fun and sings
your child's name 62 times.
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