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Note: The RED TRAIN is the STAR of this DVD.
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Child's First Name Blue Train:
First Name School Bus:
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Utrain Personalized Video DVD
The Lollipop Guild
Finally...a personalized children's video DVD
We've searched and searched and have finally found the perfect
personalized product for TWINS, siblings, family and friends!

This charming personalized kid's train "cartoon" DVD is in the fashion of
Thomas the Train with your little ones searching for the legendary "Off the
Tracks" land of freedom. With real life scenes filmed in California and Arizona,
your Munchkins travel together in search of a land where they can experience
adventures without the cumbersome tracks that limit their movements. Along
the way, they encounter a school bus in need (third person) and learn
valuable lessons.
You can star with your children or grandchildren in this
wonderful personalized train video.

After finding and enjoying the "Magical Tracks No More" land of fun, they
realize that there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME and together find their way back.

This magical
personalized train video DVD is sure to delight not only your
kids or grand kids; but, will provide memories of you together that will last a

Approximately 22 minutes in length
This item is produced at an alternate facility and takes up to 3 weeks for delivery
$39.99 each
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However, this train
photo personalized
cartoon DVD is the
only one that features
two children. Please
allow up to 3 weeks
for delivery as it is
produced at an
alternate facility.