About Us
Parents, Grandparents and Aunts &
Uncles LOVE to give our  Personalized
Books. Being part of the story with your
little one assures a treasured gift that lasts
a lifetime. The personalized music CDs
and personalized cartoons are a big hit
too! Just imagine...who wouldn't like to be
the star of their own story, songs or
Your child will delight in hearing their name
sung by their favorite character. Our best  
seller is the personalized Mickey Mouse
Cd; but, it is only one of 32 different CDs
that sing your child's name.
The personalized cartoons are great for
the older kids, though in the 14 different
cartoons we offer, there are 4 of them
intended for
babies and toddlers.
About Our Business

We are The Lollipop Guild owners, Greg and Connie Swain.  
We have searched high and low for something that will make
Munchkins believe that they are as special as their parents
and grandparents know they are. We enjoy our work and
marvel each and every time we see the youngest of children
recognize their name immediately. Their awe makes our day
over and over again.

Our personalized music includes Mickey Mouse, Disney
Princesses, Christian Music, Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes.
We have 14 different personalized DVD cartoons and over 35
personalized books.

We're located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains - in the quaint
little town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

We're a SPECIAL toy store where your child
is the STAR!
This is MacKenzie - One of our store's
first  visitors in 2003 (above) and below in
2011! Great to see you again MacKenzie!
Please visit us when in Gatlinburg...most of our customers say...
"this is the cutest store I've ever seen!"
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