Personalized Music, Books and Cartoons - Ships FREE in 24 hours


How long will it take to receive my CD, Book or DVD?

We pledge to ship your order within 24 hours of placement. If circumstances doesn't allow that time frame, we will contact you. However, the Postal Service can take up to 7 days for first class mail (longer during the holidays). Should you need your order sooner, select Priority or Express Mail.

How much is Shipping and Handling?

Shipping is FREE for media mail (5 -7 days delivery). We do not charge for handling. In a hurry? See options at check-out.

Can you put more than one name in the Personalized Music CD?

No, the technology doesn't allow for that. Only one name per music CD.

Can you put more than one name in the Personalized Books?

No, the story is woven around only one child as the star. You can, however, add up to three additional names (friends or relatives) that will appear on 2 to 5 pages of the book depending on which title is chosen.

Can you put more than one child in the Cartoon Videos?

No, one child per video.

Do you use an Inkjet or Laser printer to make the Personalized Books?

While some book makers use inkjet printers...we use a Laser Printer. The print will never smear nor fade.

How many pages are in the personalized books?

With the exception of the few Jumbo sized books (9" x 12") which have 18 pages, the books have 12 pages. Each book is beautifully illustrated with a story line making your child the center (and hero) of each adventure.

Do all of the personalized books have a hardback cover?


Can you make my child a Personalized Music CD if my child's name isn't on the list?

Sorry, no. The music CDs are professionally sung in a recording studio, not computer generated (which explains the wonderful and professional quality). Your child's name must have been recorded in advance.

Can you add my child's name to be recorded?

Sorry...the recording process is expensive and as such, concentration is on new products. However, new names will be included in the new projects. Keep checking back with us. Remember...we can do any name in the personalized books.

What happens if you don't have my child's name?

Please use our contact page and supply us with your child's name and its pronunciation. If their name is ever included in any product, we will reach out to you. Remember, that it doesn't matter how your child's name is spelled, if it sounds like any names we offer in our personalized music CDs, DVDs or Videos, we can change the spelling. Of course, the personalized books can be produced using any name with any spelling.